NEWS & Honors


The Letter is now a Finalist and currently in competition in the Red Movies Awards in Reims, France! Thank you, RMA!

The new screenplay film posters and the official announcement. Based on the award-winning script. It all begins Winter 2022.


The JIGSAW was named Semi-Finalist in THE MONOCHROME FILM FESTIVAL of London. Thank you, TMFF!

The Letter is a Semi-Finalist in the Cairo Indie Short Festival!
The screenplay will be in competition until November 30th.

Thank you CISF!

The final draft of The francophilE is now complete! The screenplay is officially on the 2021/2022 Film Festival Circuit!
Visit the Screenplays section for more details.

The Letter has received its fourth Cannes Official Selection. This is another major honor!
The screenplay will be in competition for the rest of November.

Thank you Mediterranean Film Festival Cannes!

The updated poster!

Celebrating the current 15 wins!

The letter is Best Original Screenplay Winner in the CANNES shorts film festival!

This now makes The Letter a 2-time Cannes-winning short screenplay and an overall 15-time film festival winner!
Thank you, Cannes Shorts, for this great honor!

click here for the list of winners!

Def Tone is the winner in the FilmCon Awards 24 hr screenwriting challenge for October! Thank you, filmcon!

Genre: Dramedy. 5 pages.

Logline: While making his moves on a patron in a hotel bar, a chauvinistic man learns the outcome isn't what he expected.

To read the award-winning script, click on the film poster below.

The letter is the winner for BEST SHORT SCRIPT in the New York INTERNATIONAL FILM awards. Thank you, nyifa!

The letter is the Fall Season 2021 winner for BEST SHORT SCRIPT
in the prestigious Montreal Independent Film Festival.
Thank you, MIFF, for the momentous honor!

Click here for the list of winners!

happy halloween with a new short screenplay!

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Fan fiction. 21 pages.

Logline: Puzzled by gruesome massacres in a rural town, a senior police detective discovers a nefarious link to the victims and infamous serial killer, Michael Myers.

RATED R for Graphic Violence, Language, Sensitive Subjects. Viewer Discretion Advised.

To read the script, click on the film banner.

The letter was named as a Semi-Finalist in the San Francisco indie short festival. Thank you, SFISF!

Thank you to the prestigious Vegas Movie Awards for the recognition and shout-out via social media!
And I'm so proud to be part of the VMA Family!

The JIGSAW  is an Official Selection in DIABOLICAL horror FILM FESTIVAL. Thank you, DHFF!

The Letter is a 2-time WINNER in the prestigiousVEGAS MOVIE AWARDS!

Award of Excellence

Award of Prestige

Thank you, VMA!

I will never, ever let anyone doubt me as a screenwriter ever again—not even myself...

blood, scum & neon lights is BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY WINNER in the silk road film award CANNES festival. Thank you again, SRFA CANNES, for another honor of recognition! 

The letter is best script winner in the ToKYO INTERNATIONAL SHORT FILM festival. Thank you, TISFF, for this great honor!

The letter is a special mention in the ToKYO INTERNATIONAL monthly FILM festival. Thank you, TImfF!

druk international film festival recognized The Letter as an Outstanding Achievement Award winner! Thank you, DIFF!

The letter and A NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN were named Official Selections in the Cannes Indies cinema awards!
Thank you, CICA!

The letter is the Best Short Script Winner in the paris FILM AWARDS. Thank you, PFA!

The letter is the gold award winner in the milan gold AWARDS. Thank you, mga!

The letter is an Honorable Mention in the london movie AWARDS. Thank you, lma!


The JIGSAW  is an Official Selection in England's PURGATORY FILM FESTIVAL. Thank you, PFF!

The letter made it far as a BEST SHORT SCRIPT Finalist in the paris play international film festival. Thank you, PPIFF!

The letter is a current Official Selection in the venice shorts film festival. Thank you, VS!

I'm proud to announce that two multi-talented filmmakers are now officially attached to the short film production of The Letter. Egyptian musician, Mina Samy, will compose the cinematic score. And New York Cinematographer, Michael Henaghan, is the Director of Photography. Click on each of the promo photos below to read each artist's official press release:

The JIGSAW  made it as far as a Nominee in the INDEPENDENT HORROR MOVIE AWARDS . Thank you, IHMA!

The JIGSAW  is the BEST HORROR SCREENPLAY WINNER in the FILMCOM AWARDS FOR AUGUST 2021. Thank you, Filmmakers Connect!

A Night at the Drive-in is the BEST COMEDY SCREENPLAY WINNER in the festigious international film festival. Thank you, festigious!

The Letter is the BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY in the silk road film award CANNES festival. Thank you, SRFA CANNES, for the tremendous honor! 

The Letter is BEST SHORT SCRipt in the Florence film AWARDS. Thank you, FFA, for the achievement!

The Letter is BEST SHORT SCRipt in the New York MOVIE AWARDS. Thank you, NYMA, for the recognition!

The Letter is the GOLD AWARD — BEST SHORT SCRipt in the Hollywood gold AWARDS. Thank you, HGA, for the honors!

The Letter is an honorable mention in the Florence film AWARDS. Thank you again, FFA, for the double accolades!

blood, scum & neon lights  received an Honorable Mention in the art film awards. Thank you, AFA!


A Night at the Drive-in made it as far as an Official Selection in the New York INDEPENDENT CINEMA AWARDS. Thank you, NYICA!

The Letter made it as far as a Best Short Script Quarter-Finalist in the London Film & Television Festival. I’m very grateful for its inclusion after learning that hundreds of entries were submitted worldwide! Thank you, LFTF!

The JIGSAW had its first film festival entry in the Gothamite Monthly Film Awards . And it was named the August 2021 winner for BEST HORROR SCRIPT OF THE MONTH. Thank you, GMFA!

The letter is the Best Screenplay Winner in the Top Shorts Film Festival for August 2021. Thank you, Top Shorts, for this amazing honor!

The letter is a Semi-Finalist in the Los Angeles film AWARDS. Thank you, LAFA!

A Night at the Drive-in is a two-time winner for both Best Screenplay Feature and Best Comedy Screenplay. Thank you, again, New York Film Awards, for the double honors.

A NIGHT AT THE DRIVE-IN is the FILMCOM AWARDS winner for Best Feature Screenplay for July 2021. Thank you, again, Filmmakers Connect!

The Coop Crusader: An Animated Tale is the FILMCOM AWARDS 24HR Screenwriting Challenge Runner-up Winner for July 2021. Thank you, Filmmakers Connect, for this challenging honor! You may read the winning script by clicking on the film poster.

JULY 2021
Artist of the Week

For the week of July 22, 2021, I was named Artist of the Week by Filmmakers Connect! A very BIG thank you to their team for this great feature that has created some awesome, unexpected industry exposure. Click here to read the feature article!

I’m proud to announce THE LETTER is the BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY WINNER in the NEW YORK FILM AWARDS for June 2021. I’m deeply honored. Thank you NEW YORK FILM AWARDS for this great honor!  Overall, it was a great month with three unexpected, award-winning screenplays and one Top 10 finalist!

I'm very excited to announce that BLOOD, SCUM & NEON LIGHTS is the FILMCOM AWARDS BEST SHORT SCREENPLAY WINNER for June 2021. Thank you, Filmmakers Connect!

Recent film festival recognition for BLOOD, SCUM & NEON LIGHTS. Thank you to New York Script Awards, and Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards.

PUFF is a Top 10 Finalist in the FILMCOM AWARDS 24HR SCREENPLAY CHALLENGE for June 2021. Thank you, Filmmakers Connect!
You may read the winning script by clicking on the film poster.

Thank you to FILMCOM AWARDS  and the 24HR SCREENPLAY CHALLENGE. You may read the winning script by clicking on The X-Files film poster.