Welcome to my official screenwriting website. I have many creative passions, and storytelling is one of them. It began early in school when creative writing inspired the writer within me. Then the dramatic arts lead me to become a trained actor in film, television, and theatre. In the early 2000s, I ventured into screenwriting, and my first script, The Black Dahlia Mystery, garnered me literary management. During those few years, it was the most troublesome time for a screenwriter—the former post 9/11 years when all movies had to be written safe: no explosions, terrorism, hijackings, or any kind of violence imaginable. From there, I left the biz and went out into the real world—and experienced life!

As of now, I have returned to screenwriting. And since the Summer 2021 film festival circuit, I'm now a multi-award-winning Screenwriter with numerous official selections. And I'm also seeking reputable script agent representation for my latest and upcoming feature-length screenplays. As a screenwriter, I successfully write in the genres of drama, comedy, dramedy, horror, thriller, adventure, science fiction, and true crime.

I'm also a professional Graphic Designer and a graduate of the Academy of Art University of San Francisco. And as an award-winning photographer, photography is another creative passion.

I’m a native of Seattle, Washington, and still live in the area. I love science fiction and fantasy, true crime, video games, and love working out in virtual reality with my Oculus Quest. If you have questions, feel to reach out via the Contact button at the top of the navigation menu.

And be sure to visit the News & Honors page for my latest, creative updates!

Thank you!